Friday, January 26, 2007

Tim Flannery - Australian of the Year

It comes as no surprise to me that the Prime Minister of Australia is reading my blog, how else do you explain the fact that after I posted this blog, on Australian heroes, that he eventually nominated one of the deserving Australians the award of Australian of the year. It just goes to show how much influence a blog can have.
If you have read Tim Flannery's The Future Eaters, you will not be surprised by the latest discoveries relating to the cause of extinction of the mega fauna on the Australian continent.
As Tim Flannery outlines in his book, it is the human beings that caused the extinction many species on a massive scale, he gives examples of New Zealand and Australia.
This tend to go against the common wisdom of PC scientists who view aborigines as environmentally friendly. Political correctness can form blinkers on scientific thinking as much as any other area.

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