Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Islamification of Europe

Shiva has an interesting post of the movement SIOE (Stop the Islamification of Europe).

Of course, this isn't a problem here in Australia because the Muslim population is only 1.5% approx. and they don't have the numbers YET to become too assertive and make demands for change.
This is what is happening in Europe and only because the populations of Muslims are now reaching critical mass.
Sweden 1-4%
Denmark 2%
France 5-10%
UK 2.7%
Germany 3.7%
Netherlands 5.5%
Norway 1.8%

Critical mass can be assumed to be around 2% judging by these statistics. That is, in countries where Muslim populations reach 2% there is an upsurge in unrest, street protests, demands for change. It's only a rough guess but you get the idea.
By my reckoning, Australia isn't far away from experiencing the same degree of upheaval that has already occurred in Europe.


none said...

If 2% can make a change then anyone can.

Lexcen said...

hammer, this is true but 2% of white trash for example will only be white trash, they will not change the world whereas 2% of Muslims is something to give us sleepless nights.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Why not drop all kind of religions and start to live in peace???

Baconeater said...

I'm surpised at the large estimation gaps in Sweden and France. Surely proper stats are available.

Lexcen said...

Kirsten, John Lennon expressed it well in the song Imagine.

beaj, these are the best stats I could find.

Michael said...

Interesting post... Especially the 2% part.

A quick look at the US (pop 300 million), shows a muslim pop between 2 and 6 million (depends on who you ask). That's .7 to 2%. So the US is right on the cusp, too, but with it's far larger population, will likely "hold out" longer. One hopes, anyway. CAIR, and the recent flying imams, for example, may bode ill for the future.

Here is a question for you, though: Where does Israel fit in, with a muslim pop about about 18%? Any relation between that, and the recent temple mount disturbances?

Lexcen said...

michael, I am not qualified to even comment about the situation in Israel but since you ask, here is what I think. Israel should reduce the Arab population to below 2%.

Michael said...

And now we get to the real question, lex, for any country in the world that wants to survive:

How do you get that Arab/muslim population below 2% and without resort to vicious, anti-democratic methods? How do we fight back and not lower ourselves to our enemies standards?

Anyone, anyone?

Lexcen said...

Michael, may I suggest forced sterilization, or putting contraceptive powder into Halal food. I'm sure Mossad would by cunning enough to devise something like this.

Michael said...

Lex, we (Israelis) get accused of that anyway.

I was actually thinking of something I read in a book: recruit agent provacateurs to sleep w/ all the single palestinian women, and then blame Ahmed next door. The resulting rash of honor killings should cut into the birth rate...

Seriously, it is a problem, and there does not seem to be any realistic solution.

Lexcen said...

Michael, I also thought of that option but forgot to post it. I would volunteer for that duty.

personalrep1 said...

There is a danger to democratic societies of political correctness toward Islam. Violence committed in the name of Islam and the inequality of Muslim woman can never be accepted by democratic societies. There are many moderate Muslims who are risking their lives to reform Islam. These moderate Muslims are engaged with the Islamic fundamentalists in a life and death struggle for the heart and soul of Islam. We need to form an alliance with moderate Muslims in their historical struggle to dramatically reduce recruits for terrorism.

Such an alliance will lead to a Reformation of Islam. The Equality of Women and the Renunciation of Religious Violence are essential cornerstones in the Reformation of Islam. There can be no polite political correctness here. Tolerating - intolerance is no longer an option.

Following is a Declaration of Universal Religious Rights and Freedoms that will lead to this Reformation.



Islamic Fundamentalists have taken Islam and turned its teachings into a murderous medieval ideology – that the killing of infidels in the name of Allah will be rewarded in heaven - allowing the Islamists to sexually molest for all eternality 72 virgins, in 72 mansions, and 72 beds – that the murder of millions of non - believers is a religious duty, women are inferior to men - their virtual slaves to be denied education, beaten, killed for adultery or other sexual transgressions (real or imaged), covered from head to toe, people can be mutilated and tortured, barbers giving hair cuts can be killed, music and movies banned, women practicing folk dancing murdered, schools teaching young girls blown up, anyone who believes in a different interpretation of Islam to be killed and on and on. Muslims have paid a terrible price at the hands of these Fundamentalists. Children mutilated. Grand parents brains blown all over the street. Women, children, old and young. Over one hundred and fifty thousand Muslims have been slaughtered in the most horrid, unimaginable ways since 9/11.

Against these ridiculous crazy teachings, the Western World is intellectually collapsing – freedom of speech is collapsing. Anyone who writes or puts on a play exposing these teachings can be killed. In the face of this onslaught, moderate Muslims are being pushed to the background and running for cover. Western Governments are running for cover. Mosques are being taken over by radical Islamists from the Saudi Arabian Wahhabbi sect.

There is a disaster that awaits the world’s nations if religious extremism is not defeated. The fact that people believe that they will go to Heaven as a reward for mass murder is truly frightening. It’s just a matter of time before one of these religious maniacs straps a nuclear weapon on their back and blows up an entire city.

The Pope in his recent speech on God and Reason has shown the way forward. A very important event occurred recently when 36 Islamic Scholars sent the Pope a communication in which they agreed – that in Islam, Allah is – “A GOD OF REASON.” This important declaration - perhaps one of the most important by a group of such eminent Islamic scholars must be seized upon. The Pope should call for a world religious conference on the scale of Vatican 2 bringing together all the top religious leaders and scholars from EVERY world religion to draft a DECLARATION OF UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS. This Declaration will form the basis of an historic alliance between Christianity and Islam to turn the murderous fundamentalist tide before it is too late. Again - before a nuclear weapon is exploded in the Name of Allah in a Western City killing millions.

Following would be the format of this Universal Religious Declaration.


There is only one God
God is God
God is a God of Reason.
God is not an irrational being. If God is irrational then God is not God.

Ordinary people on the street understand the words – “reason” and ‘irrational”. Any such declaration must be kept simple - not an intellectual rambling on of the Philosophy of Reason. (For a very important article on the Philosophy of Reason and Pope Benedicts controversial speech I draw your attention to article – “Socrates or Muhammad?
Joseph Ratzinger on the destiny of reason” by Lee Harris.)

God Being a God of Reason Therefore:

All violence in the Name of God/Allah is the GREATEST evil anyone can commit. Suicide is an evil act in every religion. Suicide bombers killing themselves and others in the Name of God/Allah – this is the Supreme evil act. The second most evil act is killing, maiming, and torturing others to the Greater Glory of God/Allah. The concept of Jihad as religious holy war must be condemned. All references to violence in any holy book/text are not the word of God but the word of man. No God who is God would ever instruct anyone to commit acts of violence against any other human being. Violence in religion must be totally and completely renounced – WITHOUT EQUIVOCATION. There is no heaven for these murderers. No mansions. No virgins. Just the black hole of eternal damnation. You cannot climb to heaven on the corpses of the murdered. If God /Allah believes in violence then God/Allah is irrational and therefore God/Allah is not God/Allah.

God Being A God of Reason Therefore:

Women and men are equal in the eyes of God/Allah. Women are the equal of men. Women are not valued by God/Allah as worth 50% of men. God/Allah did not create women to be the chattel or slaves of men. Females have full rights in society before the law, under the rule of law, can dress any way they freely desire without fear of death, walk the streets without a male relative escort, do any occupation, receive all educational rights, drive planes, trains, automobiles, fly to the stars, choose their own husbands etc. These equal rights of women in society are very important. Their exercise without fear of violence - without the fear of being victims of Honor Killings must be declared WITHOUT EQUIVOCATION in any such declaration. If God/Allah is a sexist then God/Allah is irrational and therefore God/Allah is not God/Allah.

God Being A God of Reason Therefore:

There are many ways to God/Allah. Each individual has the total and complete right to find his/her own way to God/Allah or not. Religious freedom is the right of all mankind. The right to build churches, mosques etc. To practice ones religious beliefs non – violently is a corner stone of all civilized societies. The right to change ones religion without fear of death. Only an irrational God/Allah would order people put to death for not believing in religion or deciding to change ones beliefs from one religion to another religion. Religious freedom is an unimpeachable right.

God Being A God Of Reason Therefore:

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God Being A God Of Reason Therefore

God/Allah blessed man with an intelligence to reason, to explore, to seek the truth of any question – total freedom of thought. To think and reason without fear of jail/death. It is against the will of God/Allah to threaten anyone with death, torture or prison for freely exercising his God/Allah given brain. The human brain is the greatest gift God/Allah has ever bestowed on man. It was given to mankind to purse - the arts, literature, sciences, intellectual pursuits. Its free exercise is the will of God/Allah. Declared WITHOUT EQUIVOCATION. If God/Allah is anti intellectual then God/Allah is irrational and therefore God/Allah is not God/Allah.

God Being A God Of Reason Therefore

All mankind has the right to freedom and democracy, equality before the law, freedom of action, freedom of thought, right to elect their leaders. God /Allah does not want dictators and tyrants to rule over other men. NO EQUIVOCATION. If God/Allah does not believe in the right of mankind to Freedom and Democracy then God/Allah is irrational and therefore God/Allah is not God/Allah.

Pope Benedict has opened the way to a great reconciliation of the world religions. A Grand Conference issuing this Universal Declaration of Religious Rights and Freedoms to be read in every Church, Synagogue, Mosque would be the start of an alliance between faiths against ALL religious extremists. A turning point in the struggle for the minds of young people especially young Muslims who are being constantly bombarded by a religious evil ideology.

Intolerance can never be tolerated in a free and democratic society. Those who refuse to accept Western democratic rights and freedoms, the teachings of a God of Reason, must be cased out into the darkness. Those Islamic Clerics who refuse to sign this Declaration must be kicked out of their Mosques and denied membership in the World Counsel of Religions.

Written By

Larry Houle
E-mail: intermedusa@yahoo.com