Friday, November 02, 2007

In praise of the artist known as /t

Blogging has opened up a new means of communication and exploring the world for me.

Via blogging I have made many friends and exchanged many ideas on the internet with people all around the globe.

One of the interesting people I have come to know is /t one of the online aliases of Ted Warnell. /t is an artist who exhibits his works online. /t is an incredibly talented artist at the cutting edge of art today. Whereas traditional artists use paints on canvas, /t uses computer code as his materials to create awe inspiring visual works on the internet that are available for everyone to enjoy.
I emailed /t and asked to buy one of his works. He was surprised by my request and said anyone can print his art as they wish. I wanted something extra. I wanted a signed copy of one of his prints.
Once /t realized that I was willing to pay whatever costs were necessary, he gave me all the details and let me decide. I could have chosen from any number of his works as I love most of them but by dedicating one to my gardening blog, I felt it was only appropriate to ask for that one in particular.

Today I received my print of /t's artwork, In Lexcen's Garden, which I have on my banner on my gardening blog.

It's huge and I'm having it framed. As a print /t's art would brighten up any room in a house and create a sense of fun and drama.

/t's art is accessible and available for anyone to enjoy. I suggest you download some of his work and use it as wallpaper on your PC. It is awesome.

Here is the picture of "Lexcen's Garden"


Little Lamb said...

I like this. It's very colorful. But, Lex, there are no lambs in it.

Lexcen said...

AKA as Little Bo Beep's garden.
That's why there are no lambs in the garden.

Little Lamb said...

I think a lamb would look good in this picture.

Lexcen said...

lamby, you're right but I'm not the artist.

Anonymous said...

awesome post, guy

thanks for your kind words,
and of course for your purchase

request for you: when you get it framed and up, please post a pic

and again with thanks,