Saturday, November 24, 2007

Miss International

Feast your eyes on these beauties.
But don't get too excited guys because these ladies are in fact transsexuals.


JP said...

Kinda creepy...chicks with what used to be dicks.

Lex, I made you a banner featuring some of your art combined with your current header if you're interested. It is my interpretation of your interpretation of your subjects which would make it my artistic display of your artistic displays. You may have it if you like but do not feel obligated to use it. It was just a small project I put together. You can find it posted full size at better known as Smudge Pot. I'll link it off of my name here. Enjoy.

Lexcen said...

Thanks JP.

Michael said...

A couple of years ago, Dana International (one of Israel's biggest pop stars, a former Eurovision winner, and a transsexual) performed in our town, and my wife and I went with some friends of ours.

Halfway through the show, my wife turns to Julie, and says, "It's not fair that she gets to have a body like that, from surgery, and we're born like this," or words to that effect.

But I'll take the real thing any day.

Lexcen said...

michael, but they are the real thing, just with extra nuts and bolt:-)