Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Deja Vu

Should a country that experiences floods on a regular basis ever have a water shortage?

Yeah! Incredible as it may seem, in Australia we are told that we have a water shortage crisis while at the same time massive areas are inundated with floods.

A failure in public policy to make plans for contingency that is cyclical and predictable as the day follows night is appalling, is tragic, is comic, is laughable.


Little Lamb said...

I heard you were having floods. Is it affecting you at all?

Jeannie said...

Maybe they should install a pipeline.

Lexcen said...

LL, in fact just before Christmas, we had flash flooding in my suburb and there was total traffic chaos on that day. At the moment floods are occurring along the east coast of Australia in other states on a more dramatic level with major damage to homes and farms.
Jeannie, a pipeline is only good if you have a decent catchment area in the first place.