Friday, January 11, 2008

Pat Condell and his revelation

Listening to Pat Condell (video on right of blog) started me thinking about the raging debate between atheists and theists on the existence of God.
Pat Condell seems to have nailed it by suggesting that if human revelation is enough proof to establish the existence of God, then shouldn't human revelation be enough proof to establish the contrary proposition that God doesn't exist?

Leave the boring old facts to the scientists to ponder. Forget about the lack of archaeological or historical evidence of the existence of Jesus. Let's just accept the rantings of a hallucinating schizophrenic that the voice they hear is in fact the voice God.

Whether that schizophrenic is Pat Robertson, or Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon church, or L.Ron Hubbard, or the camel jockey from Mecca or Moses on the mount, it just makes sense to suspend all disbelief and accept that what these guys are telling us is fact.

In the same spirit of suspended disbelief, I claim my adherence to the revelations of Pat Condell.

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