Saturday, March 01, 2008

Single Malt obsession

This is how it is.You try something new because you feel adventurous and feel the need to experiment. Maybe you've heard something or read something about something and decided to try it out. Maybe it's jumping off a bridge, maybe it's skydiving or even eating exotic cuisine.
That's more or less how I got into single malt scotch whiskey. I dipped my toe in to test the water, as the saying goes. In this case, dipping the tongue into the glass of the amber liquid. Firewater veterans should be warned. Anyone who has never had a good single malt scotch is in for a big surprise.
Most people know that whiskey means firewater. Most people can relate to that fire that hits the throat when you take a sip of whiskey and that's the beginning of the end of the experience.
I never liked scotch since I was first introduced to it. I thought there was always something very macho about being able to drink something that burns your throat to such a degree and not let tears well in your eyes. Mea wrong can anyone be?

I want to talk about is the good stuff. It's called single malt scotch and only comes from Scotland.
Why single malt? Read here...

It's fascinating to know that no two vintages are alike. Much like wine, the taste of single malt will vary from each batch produced.
Each region of Scotland produces a scotch that has a different characteristic. There is the Lowlands, the Highlands, Islay(strong peaty characteristic) - Laphroaig, Speyside(considered the most refined and elegant) and include Abelour,Ardmore,Glenfiddich,Glenfarclas,Glenlivet,Glen Moray and Campbeltown.
Each batch is slightly different and then there are the variations depending on how many years the scotch has been maturing in the cask. The older the vat, the smoother and more complex the flavors.
Of course, the price goes up as well. Unlike wine, scotch doesn't mature in the bottle.

I'd say to anyone who wants to give it a try but isn't sure if they will like it. The price might appear obscene until you have your first drink.
Then all will be revealed. You will be enveloped in the warmth of the whiskey itself, Your tongue will dance to the complex flavors of the whiskey. You will feel yourself sinking into a warm, smug bliss that you've never experienced before.
Then you will understand why people becomes obsessed with single malt scotch whiskey.

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Jeannie said...

I grew up sipping scotch (it was my parents' favourite). As a child I liked it well enough but as a teen - not so much. What I think happened is that my father became an alcoholic and was content with the cheap crap. However, we would occasionally purchase a bottle of nice scotch (Laphroaig, Glenlivet, Glenfiddich or whatever we could find at the duty free) and give it to him as a gift. I'd try a wee nip. And I would begin to understand why those in the know would insist on a single malt. I simply am unable to stomach scotch due to an unfortunate incident long ago.

Lexcen said...

Sorry to hear that Jeannie.

Stucco said...

Laphroaig will take paint off a door. I prefer Oban, myself, but it's all become so damned pricey now that it's popular, so I end up with Bushmills.

Stucco said...
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David said...

I love single malts at all levels. They are my vice (along with a good cigar and a beautiful woman).