Sunday, March 30, 2008

An inconvenient truth

This weekend marks the Earth Hour event when people all around the world will make a gesture of goodwill in an attempt to reduce global warming/climate change. No doubt these people will feel warm and fuzzy inside for their awareness and desire to save the planet.

Even more impressive is the mind boggling circus event of carbon credit trading that will affect everyone in some way or another. Trying to grasp the concept sends my mind into a spin that results in me foaming at the mouth while rolling on the floor convulsing.

At this point, I feel compelled to reveal to everybody an inconvenient truth.

Global warming is a result of excess carbon monoxide in the atmosphere.
Too many cars, too much pollution.
In fact the inconvenient truth is that the world has too many people.

Rivers,lakes and oceans are polluted by poisons and run-off from farm fertilizers.
The problem is too many people on the planet.

The African continent is being turned into a wasteland with all vegetation disappearing and the land being turned into a desert.
Too many people harvesting vegetation to make fires to cook their food.

The gorilla is being driven to extinction.
Too many people encroaching on the gorilla's natural habitat.

The tiger is being driven to extinction because it is a threat to humans.
Too many people encroaching on the tiger's habitat.

De-forestation of the Amazon rainforest is occurring at an alarming rate that will have effects on the earth's climate.
Too many people trying to make a living from harvesting forests and clearing forest for cash crops such as palms.

Oceans being over fished to the extent that there will soon be no more fish left.
Too many humans to feed on the planet.

The oil reserves that fuel economic growth and our lifestyle are running dry.
Too many humans using up limited and non - renewable energy resources.

Waste disposal sites being pushed beyond capacity.
Too many humans creating too much waste such as non - degradable plastics and toxic chemicals.

Nobody wants to say the obvious. The human ape has spread all over the planet earth like virus. The human ape eats up and lays bare the earth's resources like a swarm of locusts.
This is the inconvenient truth.

Listen to David Suzuki for more.

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