Wednesday, May 14, 2008

infrared Photography is the new Black (& white)

Since I first saw infrared photos, there has been an uptake of the craft by those who take the trouble to modify a standard digital camera and add an infrared filter.

Adding color afterwards is the next logical step. I'm awed by the end result.

I'm not sure if Jim Chen was the first to recognize this possibility of modifying the chip of a digital camera, but I did mention him when I first discovered his web site and saw his photos.

Click here for a more technical explanation on infrared photography.


Jeannie said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Culturist John said...

Would infrared give ore color to living things due to their heat? What would it tend to highlight?

Lexcen said...

John, I'm afraid I'm not qualified to discuss the technicalities but if you go to the link - Jim Chen's website, you can get a better explanation on the process.

Anonymous said...

Those are some awesome shots. I might look into the infrared as I like the technique.