Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Every day seems to bring more and more examples of mass hysteria when it comes to matters concerning children. Last week it was the Miley Cyrus scandal over her supposedly nude photos. (Was she really nude or did the picture merely suggest nudity?)

These last few day have seen the eruption of public outrage over the idea that children pose naked for a world renowned art photographer.

People have been quick to condemn Bill Henson and express their outrage that teenage girls might be allowed to pose naked for him.
In fact, there is definitely a pattern in the news media that tends to focus on any story that concerns children. Children have become the rallying point and focus and concern for a society that concentrates all it's fears and insecurities into issues concerning children.
We as adults are helpless and powerless (just like children) but we cannot do anything about it. We project our circumstances to the predicament of children. We transfer our insecurities and project our fears to our children.

In effect, what we are witnessing is PEDOPHILIAPHOBIA. A mass hysteria that overcomes us like nothing has ever before and unites us in our opinions as much as it disturbs us.
The evil pedophile is lurking just around every corner, waiting to pounce on our innocent children like never before. Maybe we can't do anything to protect ourselves from getting mugged, carjacked, burgled, exploited, hoodwinked by governments but we can at least protect the children.

I'm not denying that there is evil around us. Evil always exists but when we start chasing shadows, then it is time for a reality check. Making demons out of artists is just pathetic.
Today I read that a judge is of the opinion that former models of Bill Henson might sue him for emotional damage caused by posing for him.

Where will the mass hysteria stop? Will we demand the scalp of Bill Henson?


Jeannie said...

I think the suing business is a bit ridiculous. However, I'm not sure that presenting young girls with even the suggestion of nudity - in seductive poses - is necessarily appropriate. Given that pedophilia is somewhat a problem in the world, and offering a view of what should be unavailable in a sexual way could entice some to nudge closer and closer to crossing a line in what should be sexually desirable. If a person is never presented with the forbidden, they don't miss it or know they might want it.

Culturist John said...

As much as possible, we should value people for their spirits rather than their bodies. This Western tradition goes from Plato to Jesus.

Children's spirits are special because they are innocent of social convention. They ask the wrong thing that is on everyone's mind. They ask "how?" over and over.

I do not think dragging people away for showing girl's shoulders is right. Free speech is important. But free speech requires responsibility on the part of those who have it. All rights when abused can disappear.

I do not think sexualizing children is positive or adds to their lives or the lives of society. Commercialization = sexualization. Children are exposed to much marketing. Marketing children is not noble or healthy.