Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Social workers and sex workers

German ProstituteImage via WikipediaSex workers demand award conditions.

Melbourne has had legal prostitution for many years now. Legal in licensed brothels but not on the streets.
It's interesting to see the sex workers union attempting to bring their members even more into the fold of government regulation (sex workers operate as self -employed sub contractors) even more so that it is already. So far medical certificates requiring a clean bill of health are necessary for the social worker to practice her art. The taxman is keen to get his paws on her earnings but that remains a grey area where honesty is the only way the taxman can benefit. If a social worker refuses to declare her true source of income, or worse, under estimates her true income, the taxman can't just audit her accounts.

With award conditions we can look forward to government defined and regulated fees for specific services. Hand relief,oral,anal,french kissing as well as straight sex can now be enshrined in laws that specify in minute legalese the terms and conditions as well as charges applicable.
Many years ago I was bemused at the thought that government regulation would open up the possibility of a standards bureau that would monitor the quality of product provided by the social workers. I, of course, with only egalitarian intentions would volunteer to perform the odious task of inspector of social worker service standards. This was of course not to be as my career path followed a very different direction.

And by the way, I didn't misspell "sex worker" for "social worker", we must have the correct perspective on this matter.
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Jeannie said...

Interesting. I don't even know if prostitution is legal in Canada or not. I know solicitation isn't (so no street walkers). My Dad was an accountant and had a Madam for a client - it was legal then.

Anonymous said...

That ain't workin'
That's the way you do it.
You play the guitar on the MTV...

Anonymous said...

Social work's sure come a long, LONG way...

Lexcen said...

A re-definition of the term "work" is in order.