Sunday, April 26, 2009


Our treasurer thinks that the current recession will be longer and deeper than expected.

This made we wonder why he expected the recession to be very short. Did he have some inside information from and expert?
It also makes me think whether he actually expected the recession when it happened.
Of course there are a lot of experts making predictions and analyzing the recession but how many experts forecast the recession?
Everybody is so wise in hindsight yet nobody seems to have 20/20 vision of what the future will bring. Funny thing that isn't it? Still there's no shortage of people making predictions.

It makes me think of those experts who formed the Club of Rome and forecast that the world would run out of food. That was back in the 1960's and the world if anything is suffering from an epidemic of obesity.
Meanwhile the rich can afford to attend weight reduction clinics whilst the poor get fatter.

Then we can jump on the latest bandwagon of experts predicting the demise of the planet caused by humans creating global warming. Experts predict coastal cities will be washed away.
Sell your coastal homes now.

The experts tell us that we will inevitably suffer global epidemics of uncontrollable viruses and the Mexican flu is no doubt a grim reminder of that warning.
Don't go to Mexico.

Twenty years ago there was the outbreak of AIDS and it was only a matter of time before the population of the planet was decimated.
Wear a condom if you must have sex with a stranger. Ignore the Pope. Even better just don't have sex.

Experts tell us that the housing bubble will burst, it's inevitable because the economic recession will eventually have impact on inflated home values.
Sell your homes now. Buy gold.

The world is rapidly running out of oil.
Sell your car and buy a pushbike.

Experts tell us that our population is aging and that society will be burdened by a disproportionate number of old people. Having more children isn't the answer either because the world is running out of food and natural resources.

It's not that I'm cynical about the experts and their predictions. I believe we are doomed,doomed doomed.
In fact, you only have to read a copy of the Watchtower to know that we are all doomed.
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Hammer said...

I'm stull wondering what happened to that ice age that they were warning me about for the first 25 years of my life.

Anonymous said...

When did we run out of oil, and why did that only happen in the USA (they don't drill for it because it's not there)?

Mattexian said...

... the Mexican flu is no doubt a grim reminder of that warning.
Don't go to Mexico.
I would, except that Mexico keeps coming here!

I do find it interesting that the rest of the world is quite content to call this latest flu variety the "Mexican Flu", while the US news only calls it the "swine/avian/human flu." I guess 'cause they don't want to offend all the Mexicans living here (legally and not), and those descended from them.

Lexcen said...

Hammer, yeah I saw the movie on that one.
FJ, you haven't heard of the oil reserves running out? I'm inclined to believe that forecast as it seems more plausible to me.

Ok, the Mexicans are coming the Mexicans are coming!

Anonymous said...

LA is literally "swimming" in oil reserves, only Californian's prefer to let all the oil seep out of the ground naturally rather than drill for it...

Anonymous said...

Kawania che Keekeru!

Lexcen said...

FJ, I don't speak the language.

Anonymous said...

"To form some idea of its signification," he says, "you may imagine a man with his wife and children about him and with an air of resolution calling out to his enemy, All these God has given me and I will defend them."