Friday, May 22, 2009

The Spread of evil ideology

There is no surprise for me to read that U.S. born citizens have converted to Islam and were captured planning terrorist attacks.

The same sort of twisted ideology was behind the London bombings in 2005 known as 7/7.

The point I want to make is this.
Before the violence against the public occurs, there needs to be a trigger. That is there needs to be an ideology that spreads like a virus and finds its expression in violence. Anybody who wants to read further into this concept should read The Lucifer Principle by Howard Bloom.

What is disturbing is that the U.S. prison system is functioning as a defacto Madrassa school for Muslims and source of Muslim converts (read African Americans)
What is ironic is that Muslims have an opinion about African Americans and that opinion is that they are an inferior species.

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Hammer said...

The muslims will use any stooge to further their own interests..aka blacks and bleeding heart hippies
aka Yusuf Islam.

Anonymous said...

...and Obama wants to close Gitmo and put terrorists in the US prison system to organize the future jihad against America.

Jeannie said...

So what should the "system" counter with? Obviously, fanatical Christianity isn't the best thing either.

What about compulsory education? Get the white collar prisoners to teach reading and math (but not creative bookkeeping) to the others. And touchy feely social skills to everyone. And geography. Will someone please teach geography? And maybe some history too.

Anonymous said...

Compulsory education? For people with sub-80 IQ's? I hope it's mostly vocational... but then I don't think anyone will trust 'em w/sharp tools, either.

beamish said...

The historical model I'm worried about is the minute the Gitmo detainees are publicly known by name and in US stateside prisons, Americans around the world are at risk of being kidnapped for ransom demands for "prisoner" exchanges by any number of Al Qaeda affiliates.

And it's worked in the past. See Europe, Israel, etc.

Stucco said...

Black people have had some tough ironies. The slave trade to the US was largely done by Muslims. You think that'll come up? Personally, my favorite irony is the proclivity for black celebrities to wear diamonds and gold, presumably unaware that these two industries are de facto slave owners.

Funny how you don't see many Jews joining up with the Neo-Nazi's.

It's too damned bad about the black folks though- I see the ways that the deck is stacked against them. Now the Muslims want a pound of flesh, metaphorically. Pity that they don't all see the inequity (or don't seem to react accordingly).

Lexcen said...

Good points Stucco.