Saturday, May 09, 2009

Swine Flu

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The first case of swine flu is recorded in Australia.
The second case will of course be met with headlines such as
" swine flu cases double"
" incidence of swine flu up by 100% "

In a short while there will be declarations by government representatives telling us

"it is important for the public to stay calm and not to panic"

Australia's PM has already stated the importance of washing our hands.
No shit? golly gosh.

Experts predict outbreak will be inevitable since there hasn't been a pandemic in over 80 years and statistically this means we are well overdue for one.

Supplies of Relenza and Tamiflu have been rationed because of panic buying.

Supplies of Relenza have been stockpiled for years and there is fear they may be out of date.

Parents disturbed that children might spread swine flu in creche...

Holy Shit!

Obviously swine flu is going to be worse than the Ebola virus.
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Red Squirrel said...

What next I wonder? Well it won't be 'goat flu', as that 'may offend'.
Did you know that being a microbiologist is now one of the most dangerous professions in Europe? We have lost 40, all of whom worked for the government!
It makes me wonder what they found out, is the NWO trying to cull half the word's population already?

Lexcen said...

While it's been known that doctors bury their mistakes, governments are now burying their secrets. Good news for us gravediggers.

Anonymous said...

Saving the world is what governments would have you believe they do. The reality, on the other hand...

Hammer said...

Yep there was one death of a Mexican National about 30 miles north of me and then one kid got sick in my town and they day cases are up 100%

Yeah I guess 100% of one is one.

This is the biggest red herring I've ever seen...the NWO is gearing up for something.

Hammer said...

day = say

Jen said...

The swine flu = latest global media b/s story. I'm almost impressed by how much they stirred up the shit all over the world so quickly. I stopped reading any news about it a few days ago because it was getting boring.