Sunday, May 10, 2009


Why is it that when you scratch an activist, chances are that underneath the surface of the skin you will find a core belief in Marxism?

It's no coincidence that those who actively pursue reforms and change in social structures are the well educated, the university graduates, the intellectuals of our society.

It seems that the best and brightest who find their way into university are impressionable like young goslings who are "imprinted" with the first contact as their mother figure. The young undergraduate minds are imprinted with the ideology of Marxism when they attend university.

Like first love, the first ideology captures the imagination is hard to shake off. It lingers in the background like a dark shadow forever.

It seems that Marxism has the same kind of grip on the imagination as that of religion. In fact Marxism was seen as the new religion by Lenin who amongst other things, pursued the abolition of religion in the new communist state. After all, there was only room for one religion and Christianity got in the way of Marxism.

Today's education system still carries the torch of Marxism. After all who better to maintain the flame than those who do not function in the real world but instead inhabit a sheltered and privileged life in the hallowed halls of academia.

It might not necessarily be the case that Marxism is the source of the various activist movements but inevitably, Marxists will apply their thinking and ideology to such movements.
In fact you can choose any subject and add Marxism to the Google search to see how vast and contemporary the discussions of and about Marxism are.

If nothing else, it indicates to us that whilst most of us go about our daily lives, we are oblivious to the relentless activity of the intelligentsia in discussing Marxism as it relates to all aspects of society.
The fact that these same intelligentsia have political influence in government policy is a source of worry and consternation.

Of course the last thing I want to be associated with is the McCarthy trials. I don't advocate a purging of Marxist thinkers, a so called modern day Inquisition.

I just feel we need to be more aware of where ideas come from and be wary before jumping on the bandwagon of the latest trendy cause.
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Hammer said...

I think it's a mental disorder.

When someone is young it's expected that they have the illusion that money should be fairly distributed.

"why should One man be filthy rich while his neighbor starves? How is that fair?"

These children are never grow out of their naivete and some devote their lives to differing degrees the "fair" distribution of wealth.

Just like a mentally or emotionally handicapped child who can never grow up and be trusted with adult tasks. Marxists who never come to realize their folly cannot be trusted with leadership, power or purse strings.

The surest cure for a marxist is to become an entrepreuer. The obstacles put in place by our looter government will convince most people that socialism is theft.. pure and simple.

Lexcen said...

The naivete of the young is equal to their idealism. I certainly gave up my idealism grudgingly but at least I didn't fall for the hype of Marxism.

Jeannie said...

People are often idealistic until they've had to work their butts off to succeed and then asked to hand over to a drugged up good for nothing family member.

Anonymous said...

I don't advocate a purging of Marxist thinkers, a so called modern day Inquisition.I wish that they suffered from the same prejudice you do... but unfortunately, they do NOT. THAT is how they achieved their stanglehold on Academia... by purging the classical liberals from their ranks.