Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting your goat

It's not often that my local area hits the headline news. Other than the recent spate of Indian students getting mugged (OK so the local news has been big time lately...) but for a really big news item you can't go passed the kidnapped goat story.

Now this might be just a coincidence but across the street from where I work is a Halal butcher that offers goat meat. In fact there are plenty of halal butchers in the area. So, should I think the worst? No no no it couldn't be true. No goat is safe from those Muslims.
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Hammer said...

I wonder if they sodomized it first.

Anonymous said...

Another Muslim bride. I wonder how she looks in a burkha.

beamish said...

My parents have seven goats, heh.

It is rather disgusting that after Clinton dropped Bosnian Muslim refugees into St. Louis proper that they were slaughtering goats purchased from farms in the rural areas (from people like my parents) in their driveways, leaving guts on the streets for the sanitation department to collect and building illegal smokehouses in their backyards.

Ah... multiculturalism meets reality...

Lexcen said...

Goat recipes here http://www.laffin-k.com/recipes.asp

beamish said...

Goats remind me of velociraptors from Jurassic Park. I think its the creepy rectangular pupils in their eyes.

My parents keep goats primarily to save on fuel on weeding their lawn and keeping the underbrush in their wooded areas cut back. They have a lot of land, and goats will eat just about anything green and leafy. They're almost like pets.