Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Don't Believe It

THE Obama Administration secretly sent staff to Melbourne this week to ask religious leaders about winning hearts and minds in the Muslim world.
The State Department's head of religious freedom, Peter Kovach, White House religion expert Mara Vanderslice and a Gulf states policy planning head arrived at the Parliament of the World's Religions unexpectedly and asked to meet delegates, senior parliament staffer Tim Mannatt confirmed last night.

They asked three questions: what should the Obama Administration do, what should it not do, and have you any immediate or long-term suggestions. They just listened and took notes.''

I know most of you readers will be asking "where the fuck is Melbourne?" 
Dear reader, it is the centre of nowhere, the place to go when the world  ends, the city which I was born in and which I still call home.

Maybe dear reader you might be asking, "WTF is Obama thinking?"
I certainly asked myself that question when I read this news.

I do know that Peter Kovach and Mara Vanderslice don't have my address so I won't be able to share with them a slice of my wisdom. But all hope is not lost. This is why I blog. I know somewhere, somehow these two bureaucrats will eventually find my blog and I can direct them to this post.

Allahu Akbar


Anonymous said...

Somehow, I just I knew you Aussies were really behind the al qaeda scam...

Lexcen said...

FJ, you've just scratched the surface. Aussies are responsible for global warming/the sub-prime crash/political turmoil in Latin America...

Anonymous said...

That's what we get for allowing the UK to give you all their criminal masterminds in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries... America only got the petty crooks. ;-)

Anonymous said...

...yeah, they ended up in the White House.