Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Power of Symbolism

We all know how symbols can represent an idea visually, a crucifix or a swastika have powerful and far reaching meanings beyond the visual representation. When the idealist movement of the sixties emerged they adopted a symbol to represent that ideology.
Flags are a symbol of nationality but it's a no brainer to understand why protesters would burn a flag, the symbolism of what that flag  represents is denigrated by the symbolism of burning that flag.

A minaret is part of a mosque.But a minaret as well as a mosque is a strong symbol.
Listen to Pat Condell and you will see how Islam uses symbols.


Jeannie said...

Seriously? A Mosque at ground zero? That's retarded.

ButterSnatch said...

I heard that on the radio last week... what Jeannie said:


It'll never happen, but the simple fact that it's even been suggested disgusts me.

Lexcen said...

On the other hand. Allowing the mosque to be built and immediately blowing it up would be a powerful symbol itself.