Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Walk the Walk Talk the Talk

The seventies of the previous century saw the glam rock era throw up images of ambiguous sexuality with Ziggy Stardust in makeup and even Mick Jagger donning a cute white skirt in on the stage. Men wore makeup and glitzy clothes. No surprise that this didn't create a fashion trend. In Australia the men are macho so the European trend for men to carry handbags or clutches never caught on.
Now, looking at the latest fashion trends from Paris http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/executive-lifestyle/gallery-e6frg8k6-1225885148404 I can only envision a cabal being held by a group of fashion designers who crave to be as famous as Karl Lagerfeld or Jean Paul Gaultier or Gucci agreeing that gay is the way and off with the penis. Maybe they symbolically cut off their penises and threw them into the fire in celebration of the new way of the new gay.
Personally I prefer to stick to my fishnet stockings and lace panties on the inside rather than showing on the outside.


Jeannie said...

Runway fashions are just plain stupid.

I'm not sure "gay" would catch on over here either.

Patrick Carroll said...

You have to admit that the pink outfit is rather cute!

ButterSnatch said...

I have to agree with Patrick... that pink outfit is kind of cute. Although I'd prefer it in a violet, or mauve lamé.

AZ said...

I fear that in Arizona one of those outfits would get you beaten within a inch of your life, or someone would just shoot you and put you out of their misery.