Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Miracles of Modern Medicine

When I read about the miracles of modern medicine, I feel much ambivalence about such a statement.
After all, think of the incurable common cold or arthritis, or multiple sclerosis, or cancer or aids. The list of incurables is very very long.

On the other hand there is a miracle just waiting to happen if only the religious lobby groups could be muzzled and silenced. The religious thinkers who keep telling us that we shouldn't play God. I say let God do his own bidding...isn't he omnipotent? Why does God need human spokesmen?

So when I read about the potential of stem cells to repair the ailing human body I feel both optimistic and frustration at the same time.
Maybe if we stop thinking of "miracles" and leave that to God, we can concentrate on moving forward and fixing all the faulty designs that we've endowed by that so called God.

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