Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A Tragic Multiculturalist

The multiculturalist is a tragic being. Convinced in his own mind that all cultures are equal, he sets out to live by his convictions and what better way than to embrace and convert to a culture that is alien to his own culture.
Multuculturalism is a disease that only afflicts western secular citizens. Those who belong to non-western cultures never accept the premise that all cultures are equal. They stick to the culture they were given at birth, believing blindly that the culture of their parents is the superior culture to all other cultures.

So here is the sad and tragic story of Khalil Dale, or Khalil Rasjed Dale. Look at his photo. Doesn't look like a Muslim does he?

"Khalil, 60, (born in Yemen) he grew up in Dumfries (Scotland) and later lived in Manchester. He adopted the name Khalil and dropped his given name, Ken, after converting to Islam 20 years ago. He returned to Scotland last year to nurse his dying mother in Dumfries."

Obviously Khalil was a good man because he worked for the Red Cross. I wonder if he know how Muslims look down on the symbol of the cross as a Christian symbol and therefore something evil to be hated and despised. Of course Muslims do a lot of hating and despising as well as a lot of senseless and random killing.
Khalil might or might not have been aware of this fact. The mind of a multiculturalist is to me beyond comprehension. 

"We also found a note with the body saying he was killed because our ransom demands had not been met," said Haider Zaman, a senior policeman."

Khalil's  kidnappers and killers didn't give a rat's arse that Khalil was a Muslim or that he was doing humanitarian work. 
Of course not all Muslims are evil yada yada yada yada....

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John Kenneth Press, Ph.D said...

And so Culturist John returns once again to declare, "We must replace multiculturalism with culturism."

How are you Lex?