Thursday, October 25, 2012

Violence and Muslims

There are two words that seem to go together in the same sentence. Two words that are increasingly getting our attention. And the question is this, is anyone still surprised?
People, don't you get it yet? Muslims and violence go hand in hand.
Place your finger on a random spot on the globe and the chances are that if you pinpoint a location where there are Muslims, you will find incidents of violence.

The causes of violence are many but when violence is a result of religion, you can be sure that there are Muslims involved.

Burma is the latest news hot spot for violence involving Muslims. And this is the interesting side issue, Muslims NOT as a race (as they would like us to believe) but Muslims as a religious group.
There is no race of people predisposed to violence but there is a religion that goes hand in hand with violence and that religion is Islam.

The incident that caused the riots in Burma is an alleged rape of a Buddhist woman by three Muslim men.
And here's another interesting statistic. Muslims and abuse of women including (but not only) rape seem to occur often enough to make headlines.
And why should there be a correlation between Muslims and female abuse? You only have to look at the religion. There is something about Islam that turns ordinary people into violent, hateful, sexual predators.

Don't believe me? Read the Koran!
BTW, most Muslims are either illiterate or haven't read the Koran.
And this raises another question. If most Muslims haven't read the Koran but are inclined to violence then how is this possible? What is the causal link?
The answer is in the Mosques. Salafist Muslims from Saudi Arabia finance the spread of Mosques around the world and support the Mullahs who preach violence in these Mosques.
Every dollar we spend on petrol is contributing to the funds that fill the coffers of Saudi princes who fund the spread of Salafist Islam. That is radical, violent, hateful, fundamentalist Islam.
AND, if you haven't noticed yet, the emphasis on democracy in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries has only opened the doors to the Muslim Brotherhood that has been held shut by those U.S. endorsed dictators and their regimes.
Who is the Muslim Brotherhood?
Google it because I've run out of time...

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