Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tom Tom GPS

I have a Tom Tom GPS unit. It's wonderful and I can't go anywhere without it.
It's old and the maps need to be updated. No problem. Just visit the Tom Tom website and away you go.

But wait a minute! How much do they charge for updated maps?
Answer: $99

If you don't think that is exorbitant then consider the price of a new unit with the latest maps...
Answer: $99 Refer to the Dick Smith catalog for Australia dated 23rd October.

Why am I writing here? Why don't I just complain to Tom Tom?
I can't be bothered jumping hoops and dealing with robots. I want to talk to a person a real person who can respond on behalf of Tom Tom and explain to me their pricing policies which don't make sense.

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Lexcen said...

I notice that Tom Tom devices now selling with lifetime free maps. About time...