Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Insurance Industry Scam

Last night's episode of Four Corners (link below) struck a nerve in me.


Fifteen years ago, my wife was injured at work and she put in a claim with her insurance company. She had Income Protection insurance.
The insurance company replied that they had lost her file.
As an isolated incident, this didn't reek of "conspiracy" although it did put a sour taste in the mouth when it comes to insurance companies.

Then, watching Four Corners, and listening to Dr K speak of his personal investigation into his employer's behaviour, it struck me as an epiphany. Of course, this must be common practice amongst insurance companies when responding to injury claims. What could be more discouraging and disheartening to a claimant that to be told their file had been lost?

The CEO of the bank (Commonwealth) kept referring to "ethics" in his interview with Four Corners.

What does ethics have to do with corporate greed, I wonder?

Do I see conspiracy everywhere? You bet.

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