Thursday, September 21, 2006

On Bloggers in general

Since I've started blogging these last few months, I have been enriched and rewarded by meeting people online through reading their blogs. It's amazing how much of a persons personality can be encapsulated and reflected in a blog.
My latest blog of interest is Kirsten Namskau who has a gift for storytelling. She has just published her first book.
It's a shame that Buttersnatch has disappeared from Blogspace because he is such an outrageous and funny character. I hope to see his return soon.
Another character who defies classification is JP/Vaginous/Intolerant who is a complex character with acute perception. He spreads himself over many different blogs. I find it hard to keep up with him.
Shlemazl looks at life in a humorous and capricious way.
Jos has suffered the recent war in Lebanon and still manages a smile.
Mechanical Crowds is a very serious person. You don't mess around with him.
Chris in Manitoba is always good for a comment, he seems to read a lot of the same blogs I do.
Jenafear has a blog that appears and then mysteriously disappears. She posts blogs and then decides to delete them. I know she's still around because she posts comments to my blog.
Crashtestcomic manages to enrage people and stir up debate with ease.

There is something unique and interesting in every blog. The fact that these people are in different countries becomes irrelevant.
There's many more I could list but the point is that we become a community that spans the globe and are able to exchange our thoughts, experiences and ideas.

I couldn't think of a better way to waste my time.


Jenafear said...

Aw thanks for the mention Lex.
My URL is a little bit different than it was before, I have returned to blogging...

Let us know your wordpress address if you decide to use it :)

Kirsten Namskau said...

Thank you for the compliment, dear. I hope we will become grate blog-friends.

shlemazl said...

Capricious? Me? You cannot be serious! :-)

I think your list is missing someone with impressive acadimic qualifications. Perhaps someone with 3 PhDs?

Lexcen said...

Shlemazl, if you are referring to the Professor, then I would describe him as completely rabid.

Intolerant said...

Thanks for the mention Lex...I am pretty screwed up aren't I?! I need three blogs to satisfy different moods.