Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Sexual Olympics

GymnasticsImage via Wikipedia From the people that brought you, Big Brother, Survivor, Idol and other "reality" shows that soak up the spare time of millions of people when they could be doing something useful or productive, comes the ultimate concept in entertainment. Combining the obsession with the most useless and pointless activity known to mankind SPORT and the most obsessive and unquenchable thirst for VOYEUERISM of sex, we bring you the SEXUAL OLYMPICS.

The Marathon - a test of strength and endurance

Water Sports - activities involving all bodily fluids

The Relay - teams competing in gang banging

Shooting - men's activity with distance and accuracy

Triathalon - the threesome concept (menage a trois)

Gymnastics - strength and elegance (as the Greeks intended-completely naked)

Wrestling - cat fighting

Equestrian -
for those who like bestiality
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