Tuesday, September 26, 2006

To quote the Emperor Manoulis II Palaiologus 1350-1425

"How can a god who commands conversion by the sword be the same god as the emperor's god- a god who wished to gain converts only through the use of words and reason? If Allah is happy to accept converts who are trembling in fear for their lives, with a sword hovering over their necks, then he may well be a god worth fearing, but not a god worth revering. He may represent an imaginary god suitable to slaves but he will not be an image of a god worthy of being worshipped by a Socrates - or by any reasonable man."

I like this quote because is encapsulates what to me is the most abhorrent aspect of religion that spread its tentacles through violence and bloodshed.

I am not religious. I am an atheist. I find fault with every religion that exists so don't attack me with accusations of bias.

I also refuse to kill anyone who disagrees with me.

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