Sunday, November 18, 2007

Logistics of Noah's Ark

I am fascinated to learn that first, dinosaurs were on Noah's ark and two, the logistics required to perform this feat.

I've always wondered what would be the point of God giving humans the power to reason if we were not allowed to question the veracity of facts in the Bible.
Now I know. Reason was given to humanity so that we could fill in the gaps in the Bible.
For example, dinosaurs aren't mentioned in the Bible. How do we account for this? With reason, we can establish that the word "dinosaur" was merely a recent invention. Further not all animals that were taken on Noah's ark are mentioned in the Bible.

I'm amazed at the power of reason to find explanations for mysteries once we accept the details in the Bible as facts. That's right, first make a conclusion and then attempt to fit the details (by twisting and bending as much as is possible) to make them fit the beliefs.
Reason is not a way of seeking truth, it is a means of justifying beliefs as true.
I feel sorry for those Christians who have a genuine belief in God but have to share the same house with the nuts who feel that everything in the Bible must be taken literally.
On the other hand, picking and choosing which parts of the Bible to take literally isn't easy either. But it's still better than taking the lazy option and believing EVERYTHING that's in the Bible is eye witness accounts of actual events.
Just as well the Bible doesn't specifically say that the earth if flat. That would cause headaches for the fundamentalists wouldn't it? Or maybe if the Bible stated that the Sun revolved around the earth.

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