Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cultural Aggression

Have you recently heard of a new mosque being planned for your city? May you have and maybe you haven't . It doesn't matter if the mosque is suspected of preaching radical Islam or not. That is a moot point. Consider the significance of the act itself. Consider that it is forbidden for a Christian church to be erected in any Muslim country. Yet there is a plethora of new mosques planned or being built in western countries. Don't believe me? Check this out...
Saudi funded mosque in Gothenburg Sweden
Saudi funded mosque in Australia
Saudi funded mosque in Athens Greece
Saudi funded mosque in Boston U.S.A
UK mosque directory (too many to mention)
450 mosques in the Netherlands
Mosque proposed for Marseilles France, already one in Lyons.
Austria to limit building of mosques
Germany's biggest mosque under construction

Now, try google any information on Christian churches in Saudi Arabia and you will find that all references have been removed. Isn't it strange?

The point is this, Cultural Aggression is real, it is here it is just another form of attack on western society. Don't think that suicide bombers and terrorist attacks are the only threat to western society. Think cultural aggression.

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Culturist John said...

I didn't know about the Saudi's taking Christian websites down. You list is very helpful.

Everyday there is a story about accomadations for the Islamic lifestyle in Western nations. This proves incompatability. There are countries where a person can live an Islamic lifestyle in the Middle East. That is why they are called Muslim countries.

They have their own countries, but are not satisfied. They want ours too. I don't mind if Muslim's invest for profit in non-security related industries. But Mosques are not for profit venture. They are cultural aggression.

We need to stop this trend. Just as they have a right to not allow churches, we have a right to not allow more mosques. This is not racist, it is culturist. They are showing great culturist awareness, we are showing none. We don't even know there is competition for sovereignty.

Thanks for the resources.

culturist john

Jeannie said...

There are a number of mosques in our city. And the people who attend are not good neighbors. One, on a major street (actually, they all are) do not wait to exit - they expect all traffic to stop to accomodate them. At another, although asked not to use a neighboring business parking lot, they do so there is no parking for customers.
These are petty complaints but I have to wonder what sort of things they would do if they had a lot of power.

Lexcen said...

Jeannie, people behave differently as individuals than as a group. I don't doubt that when (not if) the Muslims in your community become a large enough group they will demand for changes to accommodate Islamic beliefs and values.

Culturist John said...

Herein is a problem. Jeannie sees them as not good neighbors. Countries benefit greatly from what Robert Putnam has described as social capital. That is when you feel a sense of connection with others in your society, you trust them. You can do business. You visit eachother and join in political causes. So long as you see those in your communities as other, you are less willing to do these things. People do not support public programs, because they benefit real strangers. Society is bifurcated and does not run smoothly.

People celebrate diversity. We are not sure upon what basis they find it a benefit. But sociologists have proved that homogeneity has benefits. Look at homogeneous societies like Korea and Japan. They do alright. That may be a reason muslim countries don't embrace diversity. It gives people a healthy sense of belonging and connection with their nation to have similatrity.

Jeannie, distrust is growing. It is natural. Blame those multiculturalists who defy culturist common sense. Those who wish to celebrate diversity for no apparent reason at all.