Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Good Muslim Sons

A Palestinian mother told her friends proudly, 
"My first son blew himself up in an Israeli synagogue, and he killed or maimed two dozen men, women, and children. 
My second son walked into an Israeli school, where he shot eight children and a teacher to death before an IDF sniper brought him down.
 My third son is doing life in an Israeli prison for raping and murdering a Christian girl."
"I thought she had four sons," a bystander whispered.
"Ah, yes - Abdul; she disowned him for behaving like a Jew; he became a biochemist and discovered a cure for cancer," another bystander explained.


Damien said...


Its like something out of a very dark comedy.

Patrick Carroll said...

This isn't a joke, it's based on a factual encounter right?