Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bad Hair Day

Having just purchased one of your Bourke solid plate 4 burner bbq's I am writing to you to complain about the poor assembly instruction provided.
Not only are they misleading and difficult to follow, in fact they are entirely wrong. Having assemble many items in the past, I am sad to say this one was absolutely the most frustrating and difficult to assemble. From start to finish it took six hours. Incredible and funny as it may seem, I am no idiot.
The idiot is the person responsible for putting together your assembly instructions to what is without doubt an excellent product at an excellent price. I'm hardly in a position to recommend this product to any friend, maybe an enemy would be more appropriate.

May I suggest, no I insist you first provide a photo of the assembled product. Most other items I've bought with assembly required do this. It would have been most helpful.
Second, you would need to provide a few photos of the bolt assembly procedure because it is difficult and the time I spent assembling it was due to the faulty instructions which don't come near to explaining what is necessary.

Maybe I could provide you with such at a modest fee since I'm so frustrated and annoyed I wouldn't provide this for free. My time is valuable.

Finally, I suggest you get hold of the person responsible for the assembly instructions and slowly torture them to death because no amount of pain is adequate for their efforts.


Anonymous said...

....it's THAT time of year again, thanks for reminding me. ;-)

Jeannie said...

Oh joy.

How's your new home?

Lexcen said...

Jeannie, the auction was a dismal failure with no decent bid even near the asking price. Since then other homes have sold for more than what we were asking so we're stuck here until there's a change of fortune.
Plan B is now in action.

Anonymous said...

Reminds of the Cosby Show episode where Heathcliff Huxtable buys a bookshelf with instructions in French.

Hey, you accomplished something, Lex! I know a lot of people who would give up.

I lit the pilot light to our heater all by myself for the first time this year. (with no instructions...) AND, as an added bonus, I didn't blow my family to the moon! I was so proud. :-)

Lexcen said...

I suppose it's also possible that I might be experiencing this first signs of old age, where everything that was once easy is now more difficult:)

beamish said...

Instructions are for chumps. It's a sign of efficiency if you can make it work and have screws left over.