Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bucket list meme

I have a short time left to live and money is no object. This is what I would do.

1. buy a ticket on a space shuttle and do a space walk
2. attempt an around the world trip in a hot air balloon (maybe more than 80 days)
3. choose 100 people at random and make them instant millionaires (excluding current millionaires)
4. buy a tropical island for my wife to live on after I'm gone


Hammer said...

I like the island idea and making the strangers millionaires.

Most people are too shortsighted to handle a large sum of money but it would be fun while it lasted.

Lexcen said...

Thanks Hammer.

Anonymous said...

These are great answers! That's sweet you would get the island for your wife.

Lexcen said...

Jen, love makes us a better person.