Friday, February 15, 2008

Burn Baby Burn

Offensive to Muslims

Check out this link for a more detailed but not complete list of what is offensive to Muslims.

  1. Mohammed cartoons
  2. Three Little Pigs
  3. Piggy banks
  4. Italian sport uniforms (big red cross on white T shirt)
  5. Taoist statue
  6. Jewish cookies
  7. Apple store resembles the Muslims' sacred Ka'ba
  8. Flags
  9. Movies/theatre/radio
  10. Music
  11. Alcohol
  12. hot cross buns
  13. Easter eggs
  14. Ham sandwiches
  15. coca cola
  16. ice cream cones
  17. pork
  18. Guide dogs
  19. the clitoris
  20. public displays of affection
  21. Breast feeding
  22. male gynaecologists
  23. haircuts for men
  24. Chess
  25. the Holocaust
  26. buying of cats and dogs banned in Saudi Arabia (because they were paraded in public and dogs are unclean)
  27. human rights
  28. criticizing Islam
  29. mocking Islam
  30. Christmas
  31. preaching Christianity
  32. building churches
  33. Teddy bears named Mohammed

This list is by far from complete. By the very nature of how Muslims see “offense” it can never be complete.

I can imagine those PC people falling over themselves to prevent anything from offending Muslims.

It is ludicrous to try to accommodate Muslim sensibilities within a western society because of the possibilities for “offending” them.

The idea of assimilation is not on the Muslim immigrant agenda.

What isn’t funny in the least is that within an Islamic state, such as Saudi Arabia, the penalty for offending Muslims (Islam) is jail and possibly a death sentence.

Now consider that anything, absolutely anything we consider to be completely innocuous may be construed as offensive to Muslims


Hammer said...

I'd like to see more get burned during their own protests like the guy in the second to last pic.

Lexcen said...

Me too Hammer.