Monday, February 11, 2008

Scientology and Blogging and religion

The power of blogging to create social change is here.
A protest rally organized entirely by communication via blogging occurred yesterday in Australia.

Of course the protest wasn't just in Australia but worldwide.

The protest was organized by a group calling itself Anonymous. I recently posted a video from this group where they specifically made threats to hunt down and expose Scientology after sabotaging the web site of the Church of Scientology.

I guess the only term applicable in this situation would be net vigilante.

Scientology activists have managed to suppress criticism by legal action and harassment of their critics. I wonder how they will manage to cope with criticism by Anonymous?

Personally, I don't think any amount of exposure regarding the core beliefs of Scientology will discourage anyone from joining the group. Science has debunked the myths of the Bible as implausible yet people still cling to their faith. Similarly, exposure of the shaky foundations of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, the preposterous beginnings of Islam have had no effect in reducing the enthusiasm and blind faith of the followers of these religions.

We only have to look at the efforts of Stalin to eliminate religion in Russia to see that there is a basic human need to believe in mythology. It's probably hard wired into our brains and no amount of logic is capable of dislodging a belief system once it has manifested itself in the brain of individuals.

I am pessimistic in my outlook but that is how I see it.

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