Friday, February 22, 2008

Sharia Law enters via the back door to Australia

Having stumbled upon an interesting site, Australian Islamist Monitor (see link on right side of blog) I was curious to see what this site had to offer.
It seems an interesting revelation to find that a number of Australian companies are eager to increase their market share by submitting to Muslim requirements. That is, declaring food items Halal (those not familiar with this might be aware of the Jewish equivalent of Kosher) and even going to the extent of slaughtering animals in an Islamic approved manner, which involves slitting the throat of the animal and draining all blood.

So the authors of AIM object to Sharia Law entering Australia via the back door.


Jeannie said...

What I find amusing is that the same meat can be declared both Kosher and Halal. (I believe the slitting and draining is necessary in both).

Lexcen said...

Jeannie, you are right and we might assume that a product could be labeled both Kosher and Halal. Further investigation led me to find that Kosher means slaughtered by a "respectable Jew" and this obviously rules out the possibility of something being both Kosher and Halal.