Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Trojan horses, moles, Islam and oil

I don't get many comments about my rantings against the dangers of Islam, I wonder if maybe I'm ranting too much. Maybe I'm flogging a dead horse?...
Then I read this story and link from Winds of Jihad
Eypytian born top Pentagon aide Hersham H. Islam (anyone with such a name would come under suspicion automatically I would think) came under a cloud of suspicion after reports raised doubt about his resumé and contacts he had made with radical Muslims.

Federal authorities say a high-level Muslim Pentagon aide, who led a campaign to silence a Pentagon intelligence analyst for taking a hard line against Islam, is running an "influence operation" on behalf of U.S. Muslim groups fronting for the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

Hesham H. Islam (left), Muslim aide to the deputy secretary of defense, with Muslim military chaplain Abuhena M. Saifulislam (right)

Hesham H. Islam, a special assistant to Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, recently criticized Maj. Stephen Coughlin, one of the military's leading authorities on Islamic war doctrine, for making the connection between the religion of Islam and terrorism.

Has anybody ever heard of the term "Trojan Horse" ? The modern term in espionage circles is "mole".

What I find disturbing isn't the fact that there is a 'trojan horse" in the Pentagon.
What is disturbing is the reference to "radical Islam". This is the height of ignorance to make a false distinction between peaceful and radical Islam. Islam the religion is hell bent on spreading itself through violence as well as every other means at its disposal. People who doubt this assertion should take the time to read the history and beginnings of Islam.

Islam is a much misunderstood religion. At the heart of this misunderstanding is the deliberate attempt to prevent offending Saudi Arabia. I wonder if we would be pussyfooting around if we weren't so dependant on oil from Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia isn't merely the largest source of oil reserves in the world, they also export Jihad!!

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Hammer said...

I agree. A former CIA analyst was on the news the other day trying to get people riled up about this islam guy but the other guests kept shutting him down and basically calling him a loon.

Why are they so afraid of checking into this muslim's activities?