Thursday, April 24, 2008

Elizabeth Hurley suffers for her art

Torture for Elizabeth Hurley. She claims modelling in a bikini is "torture".

Now I understand why models are paid such large amounts of money.
It's for all the pain and suffering.

My heart bleeds....
Elizabeth Hurley, every time I see you at work I will remind myself that I'm so lucky working 9-5 all my life when I could be suffering like you under hot spotlights striking poses in a bikini and getting paid truckloads of money for it, I will share your pain and suffering.


Stucco said...

Maybe she's really a wookie, and the waxing is the torture?

Michael said...

We should all suffer under her.

I mean, her work conditions. Really, that's what I meant.

Lexcen said...

I certainly wouldn't tolerate the indignity of waxing, let photoshop do the touching up.
As for work in a bikini, I wouldn't do it for any amount of money. I have my dignity.

Hammer said...

I'm sure it's grueling ;)