Monday, October 12, 2009

Karl Lagerfeld

Look at this man. Does he know how to dress? I doubt it. Does he have a sense of style? I doubt it.

Read his opinions,
"No one wants to see curvy women," Lagerfeld was quoted as saying on the website of news magazine Focus yesterday.

The world of fashion is about "dreams and illusions", he said, dismissing as "absurd" the debate prompted by Brigitte magazine which said it would no longer feature professional models on its pages.

What a fraud, what a shyster, what a fool.

Fashion is about dreams and illusions. His dreams and his illusions not mine or the rest of the worlds.

Time for real women to buck the influence of this pathetic old man who wants to clothe other men to look like faggots. He doesn't have any admiration or appreciation of the female form or female beauty so how can he possibly design clothes for females.
The models who are flat chested, tall and skinny resemble the emaciated male form rather than the ideal female figure.
Time to get out of the business Karl.
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Anonymous said...

Plato, "Gorgias"

Cookery, then, I maintain to be a flattery which takes the form of medicine; and attiring, in like manner, is a flattery which takes the form of gymnastic, and is knavish, false, ignoble, illiberal, working deceitfully by the help of lines, and colours, and enamels, and garments, and making men affect a spurious beauty to the neglect of the true beauty which is given by gymnastic.

Jeannie said...

I've been saying this for years. Problem is, real men who like real women generally prefer them with clothes off so there aren't a lot of them in the fashion industry - other than designing lingerie perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Pbthththt on Karl Lagerfeld.

Enough of emaciated models with vacant eyes.

But Lex, what ecactly IS the ideal female form?


beamish said...

This guy could suck a basketball through a coffee straw. Bleeh.

nanc said...

He looks like a skeleton with weathered leather stretched over him - what's with the fingertipless gloves? Probably for tickling someone's fancy? What's a fancy?

beamish said...

The motorcycle gloves are so he can look "butch" thumbing through an issue of Cosmopolitan.

nanc said...

o.t. - I'm out spreading good cheer this morning!

Lexcen said...

Jen, the ideal female form? Hardly one size fits all...there is a variety of female shapes and sizes that appeals to different men. For me, short and curvy is perfect.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid my feminism reared her head there. I was being rhetorical, making a bit of a commentary on how there is no 'ideal female figure'. Of course, Western society would have us believe that there is an's either tall and skinny with no boobs, or tall and skinny with huge boobs.

Women can refuse any and all put-upon expectations (and some women do).

I've noticed that most women groom themselves to impress other women, instead of men. Creepy, but true.

I dress to impress myself, and I usually succeed.

Anonymous said...

Ha! That last line cracks me up.