Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sinking Refugee Boats

Have you noticed how many refugee boats sink as soon as they leave Indonesia?

Would as many of these boats sink soon as they left Indonesian shores if it was made apparent that the Australian navy wouldn't be so eager to rescue drowning people?

Of course this is a cynical attitude.

But don't forget that those people smugglers who seek to exploit Australia's goodwill are also cynical and manipulative to the extent that they are prepared to sacrifice the lives of innocent people so that they can tug at the heart strings of  Australians. Exploiting compassion and empathy is also a cynical exercise

There are just too many boats sinking off the shores of Indonesia to accept that this is mere coincidence.

When a boat sinks off the Australian coast, it is the Tampa crisis but when a boat sinks off the coast of Indonesia, it is a scam.

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