Wednesday, April 02, 2008

No title, not famous, no entry allowed.

I was reading about Mrs Sarkozy and her resume of liasons (now that's an old fashioned term isn't it?) when I should be saying pedigree? or maybe CV of men she has had affairs with. Now that's old fashioned as well.
OK, lets say it without metaphors, Mrs Sarkozy has fucked many famous and important men. There I said it.
I'm impressed with women who list Mick Jagger as someone they have fucked. It adds an air of achievement don't you think? Of course Carla Bruni (Mrs Sarkozy) has fucked princes and heads of state as well as celebrities.
These thoughts in my humble opinion started me thinking.
If ever I had the honor to go places that other famous people had been before me, I think I would be awed. Just imagine Lexcen and Mrs Sarkozy. Little old me visiting places where Mick Jagger had been...awesome.
Moving right along, I began thinking of a new social trend where people would actually wear a plastic ID card hanging off a lanyard listing all the famous and important fucks they have had. Dropping names in the modern world so to speak. A portable status symbol.
Just imagine the scene...
You're at a social gathering and you are talking to some charming young lady when you notice on her plastic ID card the name Mick Jagger. Wow! So she fucked Mick Jagger. What if other young ladies at a gathering started comparing CV's and formed common interest groups such as the Mick Jagger Bimbos.
I certainly would be interested to know how many women old Mick has reamed in his lifetime, wouldn't you?
Paris Hilton, here is my phone number 9524 3636
I await fame and recognition with sincere and awed anticipation.


ButterSnatch said...

I fucked Mick Jagger. You and I fucked last summer in Bora-Bora. Ergo, you have fucked Mick Jagger.

If you believe in the whole 6-degrees of separation and all, seems to work out ACES! Don't you feel all special, warm & fuzzy inside?

Lexcen said...

BS, where have U been?

ButterSnatch said...

Been busy man... no excuse for my extended absence mind you, but busy none the less. Dealt with a death in the family early this year, not to mention my ongoing kidney-stone problem. I was in & out of the hospital 12 times between mid-July 2007 & January 2008, to give you some idea of my hospital time. It hasn't been fun, and when I'm not in the hospital, I find myself trying to catch up on work with no time for fun stuff (IE: camping, hiking, writing, being a no-good racist asshole, etc, etc). Can't say for sure how long I'll be around for, if at all, but I thought I'd drop in on my old haunt to see what was shaking. I'm actually off to the hospital in a few hours for a renal-scan. Apparently, my left kidney is showing signs of dramatically reduced function, and they want to get a better picture of what's going on. If it's less than 10-15% of normal, they're going to recommend removal. Nice, eh? Might be better off without the fucker, I can tell you that much! I've had kidney-stone issues since I was 19 (I'm 36 now, so that gives you some idea of the length of time I've been dealing with this bullshit) and it's always been on my left side, so we're all starting to think I'd be better off without my left side kidney. What's to stop the problem from migrating over to my right side, you might ask... trust me, we've all asked the same question. No one is sure what'll happen. There aren't many people/doctors/students doing research on Cystine kidney stone formation, and even less people are doing research on Cystine kidney stone formation in only ONE kidney (vs. both). Cystine stones usually occur in women, over the age of 65 or under the age of 15, and on both sides. I'm NONE of those things (last time I checked, anyway), so I'm a bit of an anomaly. Now, with all the information I've given you, you should be able to search some medical databases around the world, and find my real name, location and a lot of other stuff about me. I'm in some medical journals, although I don't think they've ever listed me by name.

Sorry for the unload of information... like you fuckers care! I'll be in and out from time to time. Nothing like before, but I'll try and stay at least semi-regular.


Lexcen said...

BS, I'm truly sorry to hear of your health problems. I wish you all the best of luck in dealing with this. Thanks for telling me and don't think I don't care because you have been missed by all the gang.

Michael said...

Lex, I wouldn't go giving that phone number to Paris Hilton. First, she charges 10K minimum for party appearances, so who knows what she'd charge for fucking, and second, would you trust it? We got no idea what sort of funky diseases are up there...

I'll take my chances with Mrs. Sarkozy.

Or I'll just stick with my wife.

Jenafear said...

how come no one posted about the b/s lexcen liaison?! That's hot news.

Culturist John said...

Butterscotch, I hope your health improves.

We constantly get told how uptight we are compared to the libertine French. Well, with our epidemic out of wedlock childbirth rates I hope the French are proud. The high school I worked at yesterday shows anti-social morals from stern to bow. I am glad the French leaders are modeling sexual irresponsibility. May getting VD at a party be the goals of their civilization; may all of their children be bastards.

Sorry to be so wrathful. But the behavior in New York's high schools is outrageous. We set no limits and none are respected. Highlighting bimbos is not what I feel the world needs more of on this rainy day.

Does feminism necessarily imply libertine sexual morals? Where have all the conservative feminists gone? You know that the 1960s morals have led to increased female poverty. The right to choose also implies the need to make responsible decisions. I'm not sure Jagger's generation helped to make that clear.

Keep fighting, Mr. Butterscotch!

PS Culturism is now only 9.25!!