Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hugh Laurie aka Dr Gregory House

Everybody loves Dr Gregory House. But did you know that Hugh Laurie has a vast volume of work that merits recognition before he found fame as Dr House?
There is a large amount of Fry and Laurie comedy clips that are worth watching on You Tube.
Jeeves and Wooster was another great series that teamed Hugh Laurie with Stephen Fry.



Jeannie said...

We get entirely too little British programming here. Funny thing - I was more familiar with Stephen Fry than with Laurie before House. I had checked Youtube for Laurie back in the winter and was shocked that I hadn't been aware of how much he'd done and that I didn't know about him. Talented guy.

Lexcen said...

Jeannie, allowing for the time difference between Australia and the rest of the world, I'm impressed that you managed to leave a comment within 15 minutes of me posting this blog. Go Jeannie, you're Number 1!

Jeannie said...

Woohoo! Don't often impress people. And it was so easy - just a little insomnia and I win I win!