Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why marry when you can lease?

Marriage has one fatal flaw, it is based on the premise that it is a contract forever.
We all know that nothing lasts forever so why should we expect a marriage to last forever?

It's time to revamp the concept of marriage into a more workable contract that removes the bitterness and hostilities that are usually associated with divorce.

It's time to replace marriage with a short term lease. Here you have a variety of options from the Hollywood 12 month there anyone in Hollywood that doesn't favor this one?

Trophy Bride 2 year lease...many options available to all geriatric millionaires who just want to show off in public. Or choose your own period of lease.

Celebrity I'm in it for the Publicity Lease...Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise take note.

Gold Diggers Opportunity lease....This would have saved Paul McCartney a good deal of grief.

Title or Honor Lease...for those who want to share their title or those wanting a Duchess or similar title appended to their name. Always an asset for the social climber who wants to get invited to the best parties.

No many of you readers will probably be thinking WTF? Is this guy crazy or what?
Don't be too hasty to condemn a good idea because I'm sure the more you think about it, the more you will come around to my way of thinking.

Here are some of the benefits. Once the lease has come to it's expiry date, it gives both partners the option of renewing the lease or ending the contract. Since all possessions and ownership issues have been pre-determined by contract at the beginning of the lease, there is no squabbling about who gets what when the lease is terminated. No more ugly, public bitter divorces anymore. How can you argue with that?

Further details regarding inheritance from death or siblings will be examined in the next installment of this proposal.


Culturist John said...

Actually people in my grandparent's generation stayed married through thick and thin. When they got to the ends of their lives they could share memories all the way back. They seemed very happy.

Another worry is children. Do we also lease them? Due to your popular idea, self gratification, rather than duty bonds couples. When one partner is not getting what they want, they leave - regardless of children. Kids I just wasn't happy with your mother; don't take it personally!!


We have no fault divorce in many USA states. The woman can split anytime she is unhappy and take the man "to the cleaners" and the kids. You used to need to prove some malfeanse to force a divorce and then someone was at fault and paid more. Steven Baskerville has shown that that is the reason for the divorce epidemic. I think anything that breaks up families bad for children, our culture, and ultimately, the parents.

But what if people aren't happy? Well, they need to choose more carefully. This would show why getting pregnant with someone at 17 is wrong. As it is, people are making babies with people they've barely met. And our teen pregnancy and out of wedlock pregnancy rates are very high. As a product of such a home, I personally think it a bad idea.


Lexcen said...

Culturist John, of course I agree with you. It's just that we need to re-evaluate marriage as an institution. Whatever our thoughts and opinions might be, the reality is that people do not marry forever no matter what they say at the ceremony. Of course the victims of a failed marriage are children. Solutions are available but I don't think my personal idea of not permitting children without a license to procreate would be acceptable to our society. As for the epidemic of children outside of marriage, how can we deal with that problem? These children destined to disadvantages of a life of poverty doesn't seem right either.