Monday, August 17, 2009

It is by sheer coincidence that I stumbled upon this story today. I say coincidence because what I was contemplating was the possibility of a man falling in love with an android. A machine that is capable of looking like and behaving like a human being might in many ways, herald the beginning of what men have only fantasized about. I'm talking about the perfect woman.

Here are the qualities that would make an android the perfect woman.
1. She would be physically flawless and beautiful
2. She would be completely accommodating
3. She would not be jealous or possessive
4. In fact the owner could share here with friends
5. She will never grow old
6. She can be programmed with any personality the owner desires

Of course, there are areas that we must consider that only a human can provide.
1. Androids cannot feel pain
2. Androids cannot feel compassion
3. Androids cannot have differing opinions or express ideas, wants or desires.
4. Androids cannot be unpredictable

I wonder, would these qualities be missed by the owner of the android?

So, I wonder what it is that women provide males in a relationship that is impossible for an android to provide.
( In the classic movie Bladerunner, the androids are referred to as replicants. If you cannot envisage a robot or an android, try thinking of a replicant)

Ladies, I leave you to answer that question.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Heehee. Berty....

A challenge, a confidante, a team mate, a place to push against and be pushed back.

Jeannie said...

Real women are capable of smacking men over the heads with tire irons when they come up with lame-brained ideas of beautiful robotic women who do whatever they want. Have you noticed that women don't care about robotic men at all?

What men would miss in real women is the challenge.

Anonymous said...

..laughing at inside jokes, reminiscing about the past, appreciating art together...

oh, I sound like such a girl.

Lexcen said...

Ouch, that hurt Jeannie.
I'm amazed that nobody seems to mention love. It was originally my contemplation on love itself and whether a man could fall in love with a replicant that started the blog. Men can fall in love with a car or a hobby as much as they can fall in love with a woman. So why not a robot? My wife has often asked my why I love her and I offer many reasons but maybe the ultimate reason is that she loves me.

beamish said...

Binary answer:



beamish said...

Blade Runner is based on Philip K. Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" (PK Dick is one of my favorite sci-fi authors)

You did know Decker, the "Blade Runner," is an android too, right?

Lexcen said...

Thanks for the links beamish. I don't know how common the male teenage fantasy is but I guess it must be universal.
I never thought of Decker as being and android, must read the book.

beamish said...

It is subtle hinted at in the book, and somewhat more obvious in the director's cut of the Blade Runner movie. Deckard is a more advanced model of android... one with emotional responses enough to fool a test (a Turing test?) into passing him as a human. Edward James Olmos' character "Gaff" in the movie knows Deckard is an android, but few others do. Deckard himself doesn't know.

Anonymous said...

Love is very rarely altruistic.
I've become such a cynic.

Mattexian said...

Hollywood already played with that idea too, in Cherry 2000. Cheesy, but accurate I think, in that androids couldn't completely replace people for those emotional needs.