Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bleeding the Beast

This week has seen a simultaneous upsurge in attention to polygamy both in Australia and overseas. Is it a coincidence?

Many men might have visual fantasies of being a poor version of Hugh Hefner when it comes to thinking about polygamy.

The reality is that most men would struggle to support a wife and children. The single income family these days isn't exactly rolling in money.

So how do the polygamous families manage to make ends meet?
"Bleeding the beast" seems to be the way. The welfare system designed to help those in need is being exploited. The isolated Mormon sect seems to live this way despite laws that forbid polygamy.

I guess if you are a Sultan or a Sheikh it OK to have a harem of sultanas.
Western society distinguishes itself by the fact that it cares for the disadvantaged individuals with a system of welfare.
Of course, the welfare system is pushed to the limits by single mothers who must be supported whether we agree with this or not because in a civilized society we do not condone the existence of a underprivileged class of individuals raising children in poverty and turning to crime out of necessity. Welfare is the lesser of two evils. In countries such as Brazil, gangs of street urchins survive by cunning and criminal activities. What other choice do they have?

So there is a need for welfare no matter how distasteful the notion is, if we want to avoid a society that breeds a criminal class within the ranks of the poor.

Polygamy is not legal for a number of reasons, religious being only one of them.
The problem with polygamy, is that a sole male provider isn't capable of providing for a large family of multiple wives and a litter of children unless they are "bleeding the beast".

Now, we are confronted by the Muslims amongst us who think it's time to push for another change, another concession in the never ending quest to overtake and overrun western society by pushing for the acceptance of polygamy.

Anyone who bothers to look into Islam will discover that there are many religious/cultural norms that are perfectly acceptable in an Islamic society but have no place, never will have a place in an enlightened western culture. Child brides, female circumcision, honor killings, beating of wives, subjugation of women, negating freedom of speech and expression, and even slavery, are all aspects of Islam that we do not condone or accept within western culture. Yet, by allowing Muslims to immigrate into our country, we set the stage for a groundswell of support and political pressure to grant concessions to these values or otherwise be branded as "racist".

Islamic religion and it's accompanying Islamic culture should be confined within the borders of Islamic countries and not allowed to spread to places where it doesn't fit in.


Jeannie said...

The point is, polygamy was (in the old days) a status symbol like driving a Hummer today. You could only take on a second wife and her inevitable brood if you could afford it. And slavery - or you might call in indentured servitude - was in some circumstances voluntary because the person had hit on bad times - owed money and sold themselves for a time to pay off debts. Like "workfare". I don't quite understand why workfare here didn't catch on. It makes total sense to me.

Culturist John said...

I like your thinking on a number of fronts.

One is to apply the question culture-wide. What if pimps start marrying their hos? What if Muslims? What if . . .

I like your pragmatism too. You're looking at impact rather than inflexible ideals. And I agree that we must also look at the cultural message in laws. In education, I would immediately kick out any pregnant girl. This would send a message. I'm sorry, but polygamy is a jailable offense, not something to be supported by tax dollars.

Why? What of "lifestyle choice?" because of the cultural impact thought and our cultural history and sustainability. Individual rights often ignore all such cultural considerations.

BTW I have my first culturist vid up at