Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Read this before going to Bali

Going to Bali, let your hair down, relax take it easy but don't trust anyone giving you something for free.
Trust me, this advice will make your holiday much more enjoyable.

There are vultures in Bali who target tourists with all kinds of false promises, what they are really doing is selling a time share type of product. You know, pay $$$ and get the chance for "free" accomodation for many years to come. Of course it's not free, you have to pay up front in the first place.

This group of scammers calls themselves the Odyssey Group but also is known as Karma group.
Ironic that all they offer is bad Karma.

At Bali Collection, a shopping complex in Nusa Dua, there is an official looking stand with a salesman standing there. I guess they have other methods such as guys standing around offering "free" this or that or prizes or "free vouchers" worth $$$ if you fill out a survey etc etc.
They lure people in with false promises, concocted stories that will convince you to let them take you to centre for a lengthy sales pitch. They pitch dreams to you but never mention the cost, that would draw everything to an abrupt close. So they try to wear down your resistance by taking however long it takes. When you are finally exhausted, they try to close the deal but not before.

"How much?" you ask.
"Don't know" they answer or "it depends..." that means it depends on how much they think they can squeeze you for. They ask a lot, I mean a lot of personal details and give you nothing as far as information goes. Whatever your dream is, they will promise to fulfil it.

For those who have been stung, there is no cooling off period in the contract, there is a yearly maintenance fee and accomodation is never available where and when you want it. They don't care because now they have your money and you are fucked! Good luck sucker!

The trick is not to go along to the sales pitch premises which is filled with vultures, literally the people there are hostile, aggressive, they give off bad vibes. If you do manage to end up there, run, run as fast as you can because the cost of a taxi will be well worth getting out of their clutches.

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