Friday, June 07, 2013

English Defence League?

While I share the concerns and beliefs of the EDL (English Defence League), I wouldn't join them, no matter how informal their membership process.

The fact the Islamist have targeted a  EDL rally for attack only tells us that violence breeds more violence.
An all out war between Islamists and anti-Islamists, fought in the streets of England would not achieve anything more than tragic and pointless deaths of innocent people.
The fact that so called "radical Islam" is a magnet for psychopaths who want to vent their urge to kill is enough without knowing that another group would match them equally in attracting its own share of psychopaths.

The EDL could learn much from their nemesis about strategy.
Maneuver key people into positions of government who can influence policy and influence political opinion.
Form a lobby group. Establish organizations to promote cause etc etc etc.
The radical Islamist branch of Islam, although it gets most of the public attention because of the horrendous acts of terrorism isn't the force that will promote Islam. It is the silent, pervasive and relentless infiltration of the "system" that is the real threat and the real cause of the concerns that motivate the EDL.


Mattexian said...

I was under the impression that the UKIP was acting as the political arm of the EDL, or at least they are closely enough aligned, both standing up for the rights of native-born Englishmen (and women), over the seeming government's preferential treatment of immigrants. Frankly, I'd hoped that the cold-blooded daytime slaughter of the British trooper in a London street by those bastids, would have woken up the Western world to the existential threat that Islam is to our future, but no, we're making more excuses for the poor little darling savages.

Lexcen said...


I haven't found any information to assert that UKIP and EDL are affiliated as well as sharing an ideology.