Friday, July 19, 2013

Milking for Sympathy

This story triggered a number of questions in my mind. Nothing to do with the boy held in the Ethiopian jail.

Single mother of four comes to Australia from Ethiopia in 2006. What criteria did she satisfy? Either she was a refugee or fabulously wealthy. These are the two criteria used by the immigration department.

My guess is that she (and children) entered as refugees.

In that case they would be on substantial welfare, living off the generosity of the government.

So how does a single mother of four kids, living off welfare manage to find money to go back to Ethiopia?

Also, if you are a refugee from Ethiopia, why would you want to go back?

Of course, I could be mistaken in my assumptions and accept the reality that she is fabulously wealthy. In that case, why is the mother pleading for $10,000 (contributors can send money via newspaper online story) in legal fees to help her son?

People who milk the system, people who abuse generosity, compassion, goodwill and the refugee system are just milking the system for all they can get.

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