Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Google shit popups advertising spam shit

I do like and use Google/Blogger/Picasa

But this shit is just annoying , unwanted, intrusive, impossible to remove or block and I'm getting really really pissed off with Google.
This is just another one of those so called premium SMS sites that charge users like a wounded bull for SMS messages. NEVER NEVER EVER give them your phone number.
In fact they should be outlawed.

I hope Google get the message.


BEAJ said...

Switch browsers to Mozilla Firefox, and use their Ad Blocker feature and ads will go the way of the dinosaurs.

BTW, you have been tagged.

Lexcen said...

But I do use Firefox. Always have. Ad Blocker is on. I also have spam buster, Adaware, Spywareblaster and Firewall on.

joaquin said...

Have you tried Flock, works well for me.