Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I never thought of myself as a conservative but I've always been opposed to recreational drugs. Previous research has shown a link between the potential for schizophrenia and marijuana use as a trigger to that symptom.

Further, new research shows undeniable evidence of effects on the brain, as a result of long term marijuana use.

Maybe it's always been a case of wishful thinking to consider drugs as harmless, be it alcohol or marijuana or heroin, or ice or whatever. The fact is people are throwing a spanner in the works when they use drugs to interfere with their greatest asset, their brains.
How smart is that?


Jeannie said...

5 joints a day seems a lot to me. Everyone who ever knew a pothead could have easily said there was significant brain damage at a far younger age than what they tested. And the paranoia is pretty typical too. Ask any high school kid. My brother did a lot of drugs - was a dealer in fact to pay for it. I was 3 years younger but most people took me for being the 18 yr old and him 15. He was my main reason for staying away from drugs. I smoked a very small amount of pot - the very last joint I shared with friends was the reason I finally understood my math and lead to my getting my honours diploma in high school. So it's not all bad.

Hammer said...

The thing is people will use drugs legal or not. 30% of our prison population are incarcerated for self medication..a victimless crime.