Monday, June 02, 2008

Culture Wars and Culturism

When western courts uphold Islamic values then we should all be shaking in our boots.
German court upholds right of husband to beat wife. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Marriage annulled in France because wife was not a virgin.
"Fair enough" you say?

There is a culture war happening right now, and very few people are aware of it.

When foreign religious values/cultural values permeate our society we might be alarmed and annoyed. When these values are endorsed by the legal system then it's time to realize western culture is in fact losing the culture wars.

As always, it is important to understand our culture in terms of CULTURISM.
See this site for more information - Culturism
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Jeannie said...

The thing with that annulment was that the man had been promised that his bride would be a virgin and although the lack of blood means absolutely nothing, she admitted as much. So she was in breach of contract and the annulment was culturally ok. Just as a marriage would be invalid if one of the partners was already married. Or perhaps even if a dowry of $XXXX was promised and it did not exist, or some other agreed stipulation, the marriage could be annuled. Virginity is archaic to us now but prenups are signed every day to establish the right to protect finances in case of divorce. That may appear to be archaic in a thousand years due to changes in culture yet a signed prenup would still be legally binding.

Little Lamb said...

I took the Australia test and only got 3 right.

Lexcen said...

Jeannie, I didn't expect such a harsh judgment from a woman.

Little Lamb, good of you to try the test.

Hammer said...

She's lucky she wasn't killed by her husband or family.

They have hymen reconstructions these days. She should have done it if she promised virginity.

Anyway, maybe now she can marry a man with some humanity who doesn't care about bloody sheets and other such nonsense.

Culturist John said...

What is a good potential Western immigrant? One who does not demand that we change our culture.

Can you imagine what the world will be like if we are destabilized? As Hammer said, she is lucky she wasn't killed. In others women are gang raped on their wedding night. The absence of Western civilization will be brutal.

Jeannie, just because cultures change does not mean we should not protect our culture. Some cultures think beating a woman who gets out of line is okay. We might think our current discussion model is archaic in years to come. But no matter, our culture is our culture and we must protect it or fall into the void of irrational brutality.

The thought that there is a linear past and future, that progress is automatic is wrong. If we do not hold the line, the odds are we'll move towards something unpleasant.

Because of there being no direction and people not naturally being angels, our American Western forefathers saw Western culture as fragile and in need of protection. They knew it took us centuries of fighting to escape the Dark Ages and so took steps to protect our culture. They knew Rome had failed in this task. Military isolation and cultural guidance were two big pillars.

Can we absorb so many immigrants? 1st, some are easier to absorb than others. 2nd we have to have a policy of absorbtion. No one will adopt Western values if not expected to.

We must act like we have a culture and consider it worthy of protection. People who violate Western laws should know that it violates the terms of their probationary stay in our Western nations.

Lexcen, thanks for bringing these cases to our attention. If we hear of such things in locally or in English speaking countries we should make some noise. Until then, we need to advocate replacing multiculturalism with culturism.